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Learning to ski in Bansko
  • Tuesday, February 04, 2020
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Learning to ski in Bansko

Hello January, that month of grey weather which seemingly never ends. Where winter days roll on forever, and sunlight appears in fleeting moments. Well, this year, I had a plan to beat all that. I was heading to a new country, Bulgaria, to pick up a new hobby, skiing – and I was pretty pumped. Bansko is one of the most affordable Ski resorts in Europe, and it’s also ideal for all levels, including beginners.

I’ve always fancied the idea of skiing, but have been put off by the high-prices. Scuba Diving is already one of my greatest holiday hobbies, and although it isn’t exactly cheap either, I wasn’t keen to throw in another huge hobby expense to my winter in Europe travel list. Luckily, however, it does seem there are some relatively cheap places to learn to Ski, and Bansko had me convinced to give it a shot.

The great thing about Bansko is the resort caters for all levels. While there are plenty of easy slopes, and a big lesson area near the main restaurants, it also has a couple of blacks and this year played host to the AUDI FIS Woman’s World Cup, so even as a non-Skier I read that as a sign of quality. While there was some natural snowfall during my visit, I was there at the start of the season, and the powder guns were fired up to ensure the pistes were perfect daily.

So how affordable is Bansko? Well, to give you some ideas, Snomads, who I arranged my accommodation with following a kind offer, have private rooms from £200-£400, depending on the time of the season, and also offer their chalets for private hire, which is ideal if you have a group who want to get away together.

But that price doesn’t just include your room for a week, it amazingly also packages up your transfers to/from Sofia airport, breakfast daily, six three-course dinners, unlimited wine and beer with dinner, access to the sauna and hot-tub at the Chalet, and daily transfers to/from the first Gondola with your gear.

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